On behalf of all of us at The Community Co, we want to congratulate you on your decision to join your lives together as husband and wife. We are very excited to assist you in every way possible as you each make your commitment to each other for a lifetime.

Before you say the words "I do" to each other, we want you to be informed about our The Community Co Policy concerning your wedding day.

1. Prior to your wedding day we request that you receive "pre-marital" training. Our pastoral staff will not perform a wedding ceremony until completion of your premarital course! We recommend that premarital counseling takes place roughly four to six months prior to your wedding day. If you need ideas on what agency or churches offer premarital counseling, please call us.

2. The Community Co believes that marriage was created by God and is to follow the Biblical mandate that marriage is between a man and a woman. Because The Community Co is a Christian organization (5013C), we maintain the right to protect the institution of marriage based on Biblical principles that directs our decisions within our church. Such guidlelines are recorded in our member's constitution.

3. Due to the sheer volume of wedding requests that we receive, we only perform weddings for those who are regular attenders of The Community Co. Please note that only one of the two seeking marriage needs to be a regular attender, not both. A regular attender is described as an individual who considers The Community Co to be their home church and attends twice a month or more over a 1 year period.

As you begin the process of setting up your wedding day, please take a moment to fill out a brief form (below) in order to provide us with some information about yourself. Once you submit your form, one of our staff members will contact you shortly.

As it relates to selecting one of our pastors to officiate your ceremony, please contact them well in advance of your wedding date. Please note there is a required honorarium plus traveling expenses (50 cents/mile, to and from your location) if outside of the Forest Lake area.

Once again, congratulations and we look forward to celebrating your BIG DAY with you!