Our Team

Lead Pastor

Ryan Stigile


Meet The Co's NEW Lead Pastor, Ryan Stigile. Ryan is coming to us from Dublin, Ohio. Ryan is a visionary leader who can vividly depict the future of The Co's mission. He communicates clearly and motivates with engaging, challenging, and encouraging messages. After interacting with him, you'll understand the significance of our goals and how you can contribute! Ryan is a strategic thinker and passionately supports the local church.

Minnesota winters are going to be a new thing for him and his family! He is married to Emily and they have one daughter Addie; she can't wait to go sledding. He is also an avid Cubs fan (though he’s already committed to making the Twins his “AL Team”). And he loves to "go for a run" any chance he gets. People who know Ryan best would describe him as People-Oriented, Energetic, Honest, and Fun. Before their daughter was born, Emily served as a licensed professional counselor. She loves a good book and a cup of tea. They are excited to connect with new friends here in Forest Lake!

Executive Pastor

Katie Henslin

Katie Henslin2

Katie loves serving as the Executive Pastor at The Community Co Church. She uses her strengths of connectedness and energy to champion our Staff Values and to keep a finger on the pulse of staff morale and engagement. She works closely with our Board of Directors and Leadership Team to lead the ministry staff as they carry out the day-to-day ministries of the church. Katie grew up in Apple Valley and graduated from Bethel University. Katie has served on staff at The Community Co Church since it's very beginning in 2000! Outside of The Co Katie also works as the Operations Director at PraiseLive Radio in the Twin Cities; You can stream online or maybe catch her on air locally at 95.3! She also loves spending time with her husband Pete and their three children--Maja, Carter, and Ruby. Their time together usually always consists of skis (whether it be snow or water) sunshine, yummy food, friends, and the coolest family around.

Student Ministries Director

David Havey-Gordy

David Gordy

David loves serving as the Student Ministries Director at The Community Co Church. Born and raised in the Forest Lake area, he has grown up loving Jesus and being passionate about our community. He went to Bethel University and it was there he grew in passion for the gospel and for teenagers to come to know Christ. He recently got married to Carly (you will see her as you scroll down) and we couldn't be more excited for them! Now-a-days David impacts our teenagers each week for the Lord. His vision is to engage students where they are at, encourage them in the gifts God has given them, and to experience Jesus in everything they do! David can usually be seen in a beanie hat and lulu shorts, watching the latest football game, playing on his guitar, and snacking on all things chick-fil-a.

Elementary Director

Carly Havey-Gordy

Carly Havey

Carly is our Elementary Kid's Ministry Director here at The Community Co Church. She works hard to lead the vision of our kids ministry, on a weekly basis. She provides leadership and direction to her growing volunteer staff. Carly has a passion to provide a safe, love filled environment for elementary kids of all ages to experience the love of Jesus through purpose, community and a TON of fun! Carly grew up in the Madison, Wisconsin area, so if you are a Packer's fan you are going to get along great! She graduated from St.Olaf in 2020 and is currently attending Bethel Seminary. She recently married her Minnesota man of her dreams, The Co's Student Ministries Director David! In her free time she loves to travel, cook, play tennis, and turn everything into a competition! If need be, iced coffee can be used as bribery!

Early Childhood Director

Jolene Organ

Jolene Organ
Jolene serves as the Early Childhood Director for The Community Co Church. She naturally builds community by investing in volunteers to create fun, safe and inviting environments for our families. Jolene has a passion for helping our littlest ones have fun while learning more about who Jesus is and how much He loves and cares for them! Her mission is to partner with parents to train up the next generation of fully devoted followers of Christ. Outside of The Community Co, you will always find Jolene surrounded by her family, most times with a camera in hand! Her time is best spent cooking amazing meals with her husband Troy and enjoying times with their three kids Anna, Tommy and Allie. Her kindness, warmth, and creativity is unmatched!

Worship Director

Chad Goehring

Chad Goehring

Chad is the Worship Director at The Community Co Church. He leads the Worship team in dreaming, creating and executing our weekend worship experiences. It is his desire to help create environments where people can take next steps in their journey with Christ. When Chad isn't playing guitar you can find him changing the world one life at a time through the Renew Hope Organization, of which he is the Director. Renew Hope works to fight human trafficking in our community and abroad. Outside of ministry Chad's favorite thing to do is enjoy and create delicious cuisine, scream...I mean cheer his favorite UFC fighter on, golf, coach basketball as well as discover and create new music. His wife, Heidi, and their 4 children (Ayda, Judah, RaeAnn and Levi) can often be found rocking out at a concert or on lacrosse field.

Production Director

Luke Coll

Luke Coll

Luke is the Sound & Lighting Director at The Community Co Church. He has a passion for the organization, structure, and upkeep of the technical systems that pertain to audio, video and lighting systems. Listeners beware, earplugs may be needed when Luke is on the soundboard as he likes it loud...maybe that is because he is a dad to 5 awesome kiddos (Zach, Jaina, Gabe, Aaron, and Ben), so noise and fun seem to follow him around! Luke is from a small town in Oregon and landed at the University of Northwestern in St.Paul, where he graduated with a degree in Broadcasting. He is married to Sara (look down a few people), and in his free time, you will find him rocking out to his favorite tunes or cheering on the Green Bay Packers...which we refuse to discuss!

Financial Administrator

Lynn Brune

Lynn Brune

Lynn is the Financial Administrator at The Community Co Church. At The Co she loves seeing individuals grab a hold of all God has for them and step out in faith! She is always encouraged seeing God show up through The Community Co Churches generosity in their giving. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to the Kingdom and carries her passion and excitement for prayer, faith and generosity into every day. She and her husband Denny cherish their time with family, caring for their various farm animals and cultivating their garden. Their grown children Becky, Jason and Chad bring them great happiness; however her bunches of grandchildren fill her heart with the most joy.

Connections Coordinator

Cerina Hentges

Cerina Hentges

Cerina is all about relationships and Jesus; that's why she is so passionate to make sure everyone that walks through our doors feels welcomed, loved, and appreciated! Cerina serves as our Connections Coordinator ensuring that our Co Family feels connected and a part of the mission, vision, and family life of the church. Cerina grew up in the Chisago area and attended Northwestern University in St.Paul and majored in Youth and Family Ministries. She married her highschool sweet heart Dylan (of which they attended The Community Co as high school youth groupers) and they have 2 of the cutest little boys in town, Wyatt and Eli. You can find them cheering on the GB Packers; yes unfortunately I did say that, sharing their love for friends, board games, or hosting bonfires with their crew. Watch for Cerina on the road...she will have a coffee in hand and the radio will be blaring NSYNC or Russel Dickerson!

Volunteer Coordinator

Sara Coll

Sara Coll

Sara is the Volunteer Coordinator here at The Community Co Church! She loves the local church and it's mission in the community; that is why she can't wait to get you connected in a serving role bringing the hope and joy of Jesus to the ends of the earth! Sara grew up in the New Brighton area and attended Northwestern University in St.Paul. She is married to Luke (look a few peeps above) and they have a mini-van full of kiddos. Zach, Jaina, Gabe, Aaron, and Ben keep their door always revolving and the dinner table full! Sara is a true gem and gift to our church community. If you are in need of prayer, encouragement, a powerful scripture, or just a hug...she is your gal. She is also really a great gardener, has some dietary quirks that make her cooking creative & fun, and dreams about reading a good book in a hammock on a breezy summer day!

Communications Coordinator

Ayda Antolak

Ayda Antolak2

The Community Co Church is making it's dent in the social media world and it is all thanks to this amazing gal Ayda! Ayda recently graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Communications Major and is it a blessing to have her on the team. She brings great ideas and fun communications to the church and community at large...make sure you are following us on all the platforms to see all her hard work! Ayda recently married her high-school sweetheart Riley and they currently reside in Eau Claire WI while he finishes college; I think they win the longest commute to church award! Ayda can often be found with her camera or a coffee in hand, capitalizing on any free time to spend with her fabulous friends, and then there is time with her family (the Goehring's...again look above a few, Chad is her pops) that is her lifeline to all things music, sports, fun, and exciting!

Board of Directors

The Community Co is staff directed and board protected. Our staff is responsible for running the day to day operations of the ministries, whereas the Board of Directors protects the vision, values, and vitality of our church.

Bill Sieben

Bridget Eddy

Dave Sandkamp

Jodi Toensing

Kari Jewett

Katie Henslin

Lori Peters

Rob Owens

Susie Gunst


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Financial Team

Lynn Brune (Treasurer)
Traci Hoffe
Kara Linn